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So, I was curious.
I've used just about every face cleanser out there that doesn't require batteries. I decided it was time to try something new.
At Target this weekend, I found this little guy on sale AND I had a coupon, cha-ching!
This morning I tried it out for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised.
It comes with a battery and 12 cleansing pads with the cleanser being on the pads. It's very simple to use:
1. Ya stick the pad right on the head
2. Run in under water
3. Push the power button (there are two vibration settings)
4. Run it all over your face, lathering as you go
5. Enjoy your freshly washed skin
My face was SUPER soft and clean after using the Wave. Inside the box was a $2 off coupon for purchasing the refill pads (pk of 30), which you can print out. The 3 options include:
I plan on trying out the different pads and find the right one for my skin. I have VERY oily skin. I will try the Gentle Exfoliating pads next since the Shine-Free pads have been discontinued for now.
                    There is also a Sonic Wave that has a spinning head, which might be fun to try.

Of course I had to have a silly picture. And with no makeup on, AHHHHHH! Shield your eyes!

(FYI, I didn't actually lick it.)

All in all, I give the Wave a 5 out of 5 rays. I definitely recommend this small, inexpensive system to anyone looking for something more then just a face wash.

Total: $4.99 + tax.

Comment with any questions or if you have a system that works well for you!

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